In his post about the effectiveness of the work I was telling about the life cycle of some Internet projects – after the creation and promotion, you are trying to monetize them (according to plan and scheme, invented in advance), and then assess how consistent your expenses and income. Yes, the Internet has its own specifics – because there is created a lot in the future, and invested money plays the role of investment. That is, spending 400 Basques to create a basic website promotion and foolish to expect from him a refund in the first months, it may take a very long time.

It turns out that in mind there are a lot of ideas, and sold out a couple of percent of their total number. In spite of this, for some reason you are buying domains, hosting with full confidence to bring the case to its logical conclusion 🙂 But then intervening circumstances and do not allow to happen conceived and acquired resources begin to “gather dust”.

Therefore domains sell (sold for $ 10, 2009-07-16)

Registrar – (active until 04.09.2009).

It can be used to blog about this project or a browser that is gaining momentum. For example, to make an analog English-language site – He wanted to do it, but not enough time. So far, the domain hanging plug that is already indexed by Google, and Yasha by Rambler. The domain name full entry corresponding keys.


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