Both were created for affiliate t3leads, which works with financial traffic in the English-speaking segment of the Internet. The direction isinteresting and profitable, the webmaster is well prepared. In response to the crisis situation, I think, not much worse, because on the contrary should increase the number of any credits, loans, etc.

Domains through, registrar PDR (PublicDomainRegistry). Time of completion of both domains 10.01.2010. In the domain name has full entry corresponding keys.

Price – listen to offers from $ 10. Blitz – $ 30.

Sell websites / blogs

There are also several projects that, for whatever reason, I can no longer pay attention. And those rare moments when things do on the site, do not give full effect to use them, unwind and make a profit.

European football

Themes: The project consists of 2 parts – the website and blog. The site was planned to create something useful compendium of information on various European football competitions (Champions League, UEFA Europa), publish the results of matches, to write about the history, teams, players, etc. In short type football database.

Admin: This site is built on a system typo3. Blog – something like personal thoughts about these or other events, a bit of news. Blog is at wodpress, it has 37 posts.

Content: Page of the site was a bit optimized for certain keywords. The blog was first news with a slight rewrite, last post is from 10 solely my original texts.
Promotion. Site will soon be a year, in principle, it is not often updated, but the index is about 150 pages that Google, that Yandex. Attendance of about 20 people per day: But it’s summer, the game did not go, etc. By the way, very interesting traffic fluctuations are felt at various events – such as the day of the match, or after, the number of unique visitors can jump up to 100.

Site flowed through catalogs, there is a link to it with some of my blogs may even add to your bookmarks. There are pages with PR = 1, on the main blog was 2, but also the Ambassadors noted nofollow.

Monetization: The site I posted had Google ansense, but there’s only a couple of bucks dripped. It is better in such cases to use the context of Runner Zorka – payments can be obtained early and invest in promotion. In Sape already dripping 4 rubles a day. There was a sale on 3 links on the page, which are located in 3 different units, so far sold a total of 40 links, indexed 59str (I left the only non-zero). You can still try to work with a variety of Affiliate rates, bookmakers, poker if possible.

Total: Domain + Hosting (paid until September), more unique content pages in the index, and the promotion of basic indicators. We just need to invest a little time and money in the further development.

Price: listen to offers from $200. Blitz – $250.


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